A Reference Of Alberto Fernández's Economic Team Met With Donald Trump Officials

Nielsen, one of the benchmarks of Alberto Fernández's economic team. Source: Télam – Credit: Osvaldo Fanton

Guillermo Nielsen, one of the leaders of the economic team of the candidate of the Frente de Todos,
Alberto Fernández, met with US officials in the State Department last week, during the annual meeting of the
International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the
World Bank, in the second direct contact in Washington of Peronism with the government of
Donald Trump during the presidential campaign.

Nielsen was one of the Argentine economists who traveled to Washington to participate in the annual meeting of the agencies and the meetings that banks and investment funds of Wall Street organize in parallel. He shared a panel with the economist
Carlos Melconian in a meeting organized by the investment bank Barclays.


Beyond the secrecy, Nielsen's meeting with US officials was the second face-to-face meeting of the All Front with the Donald Trump government since the last August primary elections

A spokesman for the Western Hemisphere Department of the State Department confirmed the meeting of officials with Nielsen last Friday, but declined to comment. "We do not comment on the content of private diplomatic talks," was the response. Consulted by
THE NATION, Nielsen also declined to comment.

Beyond the secrecy, Nielsen's meeting with US officials marked the second face-to-face contact of the Front of All with the government of Donald Trump in Washington that has been known since the last August primary elections, which left Alberto Fernández as virtual president elect. Since then, Washington has moved on the premise that next Sunday’s election will bring Peronism back to power, and Fernandez will become Argentina’s next president.

Before Nielsen, the candidate for deputy for the province of Buenos Aires,
Sergio Massa, had also had a meeting earlier this month, during a visit to Washington and New York in which he tried to calm down with the promise that Alberto Fernández will be a moderate president, and his government will have a different tenor from that of
Cristina Kirchner, vice presidential candidate.

The crisis in Venezuela appears at the top of the issues on the bilateral agenda. In Washington, the growing presence of China in Latin America is also worrying. Trump's support was crucial for the approval of loans of some US $ 57,000 million from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

For now, the promises of moderation offered by the Front of All have not finished clearing the doubts and concerns generated by a possible return of Cristina Kirchner to power. In Washington, memories of the tense bilateral relationship during Kirchnerism are still fresh. Those who follow Latin America and Argentina understand that Alberto Fernández is a "moderate Peronist", but even so, the fear persists, waiting for his first days in the Casa Rosada to reveal his first days at the Casa Rosada. what will be the true profile that your government will have.




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