A Rejoneador Star Of Portuguese Bullfighting, Accused Of 18 Crimes Of Animal Abuse

A rejoneador star of Portuguese bullfighting, accused of 18 crimes of animal abuse

The rejoneador João Moura, one of the most successful figures in Portuguese bullfighting and a breeder of racing greyhounds, was accused by the Public Ministry of 18 crimes of mistreatment of domestic animals, one of them aggravated. In a statement released today, the Public Ministry of Portalegre pointed out that there are “strong indications” of 18 crimes of mistreatment, one of them aggravated, which occurred between December 2019 and February 2020, in Monforte (eastern part of the country).

Moura, 61, was arrested in February 2019 by the Republican National Guard (GNR) for mistreating animals. According to local media revealed then, the rejoneador kept several malnourished dogs on his farm in Monforte, in Portalegre, which were transferred to the municipal kennel after their arrest. At least one of the animals ended up dying.


Moura later downplayed what happened in statements to a bullfighting information blog, Farpas: “He had thinner dogs there and someone denounced him, nothing more,” he said.

The rejoneador is one of the greatest exponents of bullfighting on horseback in the Iberian Peninsula, with important triumphs also in Mexico and Colombia.

He belongs to a family of rejoneadores, a profession to which his two sons, João Moura Jr. and Miguel Moura also dedicate themselves. Last August, hundreds of people demonstrated outside the Campo Pequeno Bullring, in Lisbon, to protest against a tribute to the rejoneador.



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