A Romantic Maluma Captivates The Public At The Choliseo

The charisma, romance and festive personality of the Colombian interpreter Maluma prevailed during the show on Saturday night at the Puerto Rico Coliseum José Miguel Agrelot.

The 11:11 World Tour concert, whose name evokes his fourth studio album, marked the second time that the award-winning singer-songwriter has performed on the venue since 2016.

The meeting, which took place in the reduced version of the Colosseum, began at 10:00 am with the success of Mala mine, after an introduction with an impressive play of lights. "Puerto Rico, are you ready?" He greeted, causing the audience to shout.


The repertoire covered about 24 themes, and included the variety of rhythms of reggaeton, ballad, hip hop and urban pop, genres in which it has stood out throughout its trajectory of almost a decade.

The energy of the award-winning artist was evident during the presentation, which used two giant side screens and a bottom curve, on the main stage.

Throughout the show, a production by Paco López for No Limit Entertainment, the public enjoyed several relevant moments.

– With his sensual movements, and with his entourage of 12 dancers, the vocalist uprooted the fanaticated with the interpretation of songs such as Vente pa 'ca, Do not take me away and Blackmail, among others.

– With theme 11 P.M. The composer invited the audience to take "the cell phone and turn on the flash to light the night", and sing it next to him.

– The themes Heart, Deleted cassette, Believe me, HP, Bella, The loan and Happy 4 were among the most celebrated of the public.

– Repeatedly, Maluma thanked the Puerto Rican support throughout his career. "Hey, you know what it means to me, my career, Puerto Rico. Thanks to the music made on the Island, my family eats today," he said once.

– For the hits X (Equis) and Cuatro Babys, Juan Luis Londoño Arias moved to an alternate stage at the back of the sand section. This issue, one of the most criticized since its launch in 2016 for being considered sexist, was chanted from beginning to end by the audience.

– Reggaeton Chencho Corleone, former member of the Plan B duo, and who appears as a guest on the theme La flaca, accompanied him on stage. The audience went on with the single Ella fuma, from the Puerto Rican urban artist.

– The direct interaction with several fans of the public showed the nice side of the singer, who greeted them with kisses and hugs.

– Sophisticated lighting technology, without a doubt, was one of the most outstanding elements compared to other shows presented at the venue.