A Rumor States That Daniel Craig Could Return To a Sixth James Bond Movie

That Without time to die is the fifth and final installment of Daniel Craig with the agent’s tuxedo 007 is a popular knowledge. He himself made it clear by predicting his impending withdrawal and is part of the relevance surrounding the film. It is his grand finale and a massive influx in theaters is expected. So much so that it is the first and only super production – so far – that it has postponed its international premiere until November before the fear of contagion of coronavirus in movie theaters. And by the way to avoid economic losses due to the lack of public influx due to panic, given that we are facing a production with an estimated budget of 220 million euros ($ 250 million) .But … is it really the last one? back for a sixth … Nicole Dove; © 2019 DANJAQ, LLC AND MGM. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. More While we could not stop sharing it given its relevance if it became true, in principle we are going to take this rumor with tweezers. According to a source close to the actor revealed to The Sun (hence we do not believe at all the story), Daniel Craig would be considering returning to the role of James Bond in the future and would have asked his team not to promote No time to die as his last installment. “I don’t think Daniel is done with James Bond, despite his past claims. He was in the same position four years ago after Specter when he said publicly that it was over and then, when time went by, it was not like that, ”said the supposed source to the British media. So, what are we doing? The movie trailer predicts an action-ridden adventure that could help close loose ends and fire the character in style. And it is definitely what we are all waiting for. The end of Daniel Craig as James Bond and then begin to shuffle who will take the revelation (the names of Richard Madden and Jack Lowden continue to sound). to another actor yet, ”he said. “In the end everything will depend on how Without time to die is received by the public and if it can become the highest grossing of the saga.” According to that source, if the film achieves its economic purpose, Daniel would be willing to make a delivery more . “That bet is being saved by asking not to do marketing like‘ the end ’.” Anyway, it is inevitable to read these words and not remember that phrase that so many headaches brought to him when in 2015 he said he would “rather cut his veins” before making another Bond sequel. He later specified that he was referring to accumulated fatigue since they had just finished filming Specter. Will he return? Will not return? We leave it in doubt. For now, we have already signed up No time to die in our November calendar that, with this change, will surely raise expectations even more. More stories that may interest you:



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