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A Shark Seriously Injures a Diver In The Florida Keys

Miami – A man was bitten on his shoulder by a bull shark as he was just diving into the sea to dive in the Florida Keys, authorities said.

Andrew Charles Eddy, 30, was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital in South Florida, which has not disclosed his health status to the public so far.

Eddy was enjoying with his family in a boat and was attacked by the two to three meter long shark when he was about to dive, witnesses said, according to Local 10 channel.

In 2019, the United States was the country with the most unprovoked attacks on humans by sharks, during a year in which there was a notable decrease in the number of these incidents but the average number of deaths caused by sharks remained, according to the annual report of the University of Florida.

Of the 64 unprovoked shark attacks confirmed in 2019, which contrast with an average of 82 in the last 5 years, 41 were in US waters and of these 21 in Florida, 9 in Hawaii, 3 in California and 3 in North Carolina .

The other countries where there were such attacks were Australia (11), Bahamas Islands (2), South Africa (1), the Spanish Atlantic archipelago of the Canaries (1), Mexico (1), Cuba (1), Israel (1 ), Guam (1), French Polynesia (1), Caribbean Islands (1), New Caledonia (1) and Reunion Island (1).

The report of the International Shark Attack File (ISAF), which has been collecting data since 1958 and is based in Gainesville, north Florida, puts five deaths of people attacked by shark, but highlights that only two, in Bahamas and Reunion Island were in unprovoked incidents.


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