A Storm Moves a Trapped Ship For a Century And Brings It Closer To The Edge Of Niagara Falls

The heavy rain and wind of Halloween night have managed to move a huge iron catana that had been trapped on a rocky perch near Niagara Falls since 1918.

For 101 years it was considered that the old vessel was immovable, until the storm cleared it on Thursday, according to the Niagara Park Service. The ship, which had deteriorated during the last century, seemed to turn and turn sideways.

The catana got rid of its trailer during a dredging expedition on the Niagara River of Canada on August 6, 1918, one mile from the Horseshoe Falls, and glided toward the middle of the river near the border between Ontario and the state from New York.

Two men were on board when the ship began to move towards the edge of the falls. Gustav Lofberg, 51, and James Harris, 53, opened the discharge gates to flood their compartments and stop the ship, preventing it from falling down the falls.

The men were caught in the rapids of the river after the boat ran aground on the rocks. The US Coast Guard managed to rescue them the next morning, but saving the boat seemed impossible.

The old iron boat had remained undisturbed in the river for more than 101 years.

According to an NBC report, the metal remains barely moved about 150 feet (about 45 meters), and is now about 2000 feet (600 meters) from falling through the falls. The offset is not visible from the Canadian side.

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