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A Tenderness: Pamela Silva Introduces Us To Her Baby

Univision’s First Impact presenter, Pamela Silva, has openly spoken about how motherhood has changed her life, after a long career as a journalist and despite the controversial divorce of her husband, Csar Conde, she has no doubts that being a mother is what better that happened to him.

After days ago, he had shown photographs with the baby, but without revealing his face, the celebrity showed for the first time the profile of his first-born son, Ford, who was born last April.

The images in which he appears with his little one are part of the cover of the important magazine People en Espaol. There, the newscaster carries the infant, while in others he appears alone.

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He admitted that it was not easy to bring him into the world because it was an emergency C-section and that everything happened very quickly. He explained that as soon as they delivered it, they had to take it away and he was in the hospital for 10 days.

The cheerleader also said that it was very sad to see her son connected to machines, but fortunately everything went well and that the time was relatively short, realizing that everything was for his good and for him to be prepared to go out into the world. .

He expresses that he has long conversations with his girl, where he explains that he must be a good and generous man, but above all that he be happy and that he always knows that he can count on her.

My life has completely changed, it is incredible how when you have that first contact with that little human being you change your life instantly and for the good, my life has a new purpose, it has an illusion and I think I have an ear smile by ear thanks to

Pamela Silva admitted, that she wants her son to be able to see First Impact and recognize her on television. She also said that she wants to have more children because she loves her sister and cannot imagine her life without her and that is why she wants to give the same to her son.

She hopes to return to her activities as soon as possible and says that she will do it as many mothers have. Fortunately, she has the support of family and friends who will take care of Ford while she works. Even the journalist has not revealed the identity of the baby’s father.


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