A Third Grader Gives His Teacher 15 Dollars Because "teachers Are Not Paid Enough For Their Work" | Univision Trending News

A third-grade child from Tampa, Florida, offered as a gift to his teacher a portion of the money he raised for his birthday "since teachers are not paid enough for their work."

Parker Williams, 9, put $ 15 in a plastic bag and placed them next to a sheet of paper that had a message.

It was a gift that the little boy gave to his teacher. The note said: "Dear Mrs. Chambers, I don't think teachers are paid enough for what they do, except for this gift. It's my own money," Parker wrote.


Upon reading the note, teacher Mary Hall Chambers of Gorrie Elementary School was surprised and said, "My God, this is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

Professor Chambers decided to return the gift by writing a new message:

"Parker, this is so sweet and it's such a kind gesture that I can't accept your money. Having students like you is the reason I teach."

When Parker's mother, Jen Williams, found the note inside her backpack, her eyes filled with tears.

Williams told ABC News that his son is like a "sponge" and that's why he wrote the note to his teacher and it is likely that Parker heard that teachers' salaries are low from some comment his grandmother had made.

"My husband and I have always taught our children to move forward, understanding that if one is blessed with resources, one of the best things to do is share them," Williams told the KABC channel.

After learning about his son's feat, Parker's father told the story on his social networks and shared that it would be a good idea for teachers to be granted a raise due to their dedication to their students. Since then his comment went viral.

Wages on the floors

The average salary of a teacher of a public school in the US during the 2017-2018 academic year was $ 60,483, according to information from the Business Insider portal and the state of Mississippi has the lowest average of the 50 states reaching a $ 43,107 annual salary for a teacher.

Little Parker and his two older brothers founded a club called the Society of Young Philanthropists where they volunteer to do works in their community.

The child's action to recognize his teacher's effort has made his mother very happy that she told ABC News that her son "has made us feel incredibly proud as parents."

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