A Trio That Sounds Like Bolero, Bossa Nova And Jazz

A group can arise, sometimes, as if by a coincidence, a chance. Before Jiovanny Gil, a local musician, founded the trio of boleros Maestrío, the artist belonged to another group. Gil was dedicated to serenades, three years ago, but one day, the partner he worked with could not keep the appointment.

The artist set out to solve the problem and not to miss the opportunity, he called one of his great friends, the musician Sergio Obando. Not happy with that, he contacted a third person to accompany them, it was Ulises Hernández.

“The rehearsal sounded so good that I couldn't finish,” says Gil, who proposed to continue rehearsing together to see what happened. This is how Maestrío was born, as the result of a beautiful chemistry between three men and their instruments: the baby bass, the requinto and the guitar.


Now the group is made up of Ulises Hernández, Elkin Velásquez and Jiovanny Gil. The three paisas present their second album on Wednesday night: En Contextos. They will deliver it to the public with a presentation at the Theater of the University of Medellín at 8:00 p.m.

Music is free

My love is you was the name that received the first album of the group. It included songs like Divine, I will love you all my life and Cartagena Nights. This second album wanted to go a little beyond the bolero and set out to look for different rhythms. Gil says that the difference between the two is simple, "here we are accompanied by arrangements of jazz and Cuban music, as well as arrangers from that country," such as Latin Grammy nominee Yelsy Heredia.

The album not only stays on the strings, it has the participation of pianist Ernán López-Nussa. “Maestrío was created with the intention of creating different things,” Gil deepens. "We prefer not to be one more, the difference is not only in what is heard." That's why songs like Cielito Lindo, a traditional Mexican song, have an arrangement of Cuban son. In addition, for this production, they used the bass and double bass, something unusual in trios like that.

Keep defending

Although it is a work full of innovations, it is not easy for the trio to conquer new audiences. "The biggest obstacle, especially with this album, is that the greatest support (by the media) is not for this type of music," says the artist of the trio.

Even so, they continue betting on his proposal. The disc is already on sale, as are the tickets (at $ 30,000) that can be purchased by calling 3203469776. Maybe if you are one of those who still enjoy dedicating a song or an entire serenade, this could be a good opportunity.