A US Astronaut Returns To Earth After Breaking The Female Record Of Permanence In Space

The American astronaut Christina Koch returned to Earth this Thursday after having spent almost a year aboard the International Space Station (ISS) and thus broke the female record of permanence in space.The capsule Soyuz with Christina Koch, from NASA , and his colleagues on board (the Italian Luca Parmitano of the European Space Agency and the Russian cosmonaut Alexandre Skvortsov) landed in the steppes of Kazakhstan, in Central Asia, at 09H12 GMT, after a three and a half hour flight. ” landing was carried out as planned and the crew feels good, “said the head of the Russian Space Agency (Roskosmos), Dimitri Rogozin, in a message on the social network Twitter.” I am touched and happy, “said Koch, smiling, after being removed from the capsule and installed in a chair. “Welcome back to Earth, @Astro_Christina, and congratulations on breaking the female record of permanence in space! You are an inspiration to young women and a pride for the United States! “tweeted US President Donald Trump. Parmitano made a hand gesture to indicate that he felt good, while Skvortsov ate an apple just after landing, according to a video distributed by Roskosmos. Kazakh steppes, mounted on horseback, attended this landing in the middle of the snow in an unpublished stamp.Christina Koch, 41, remained on board the ISS 328 days, which beats the previous record, which was held by Peggy Whitson, a veteran of American space.On December 28, 2019, Koch spent her 289 days in space, while her countryman was only 288 days in a row.This American engineer has already gone down in history with her first 100% spacewalk female who performed in October 2019 with her compatriot Jessica Meir, a marine biologist. In an interview on Tuesday, two days before her return to Earth, Christina Koch told the NBC that what I was going to miss the most is “microgravity.” “It’s a lot of fun to be in a place where you can jump from the floor to the ceiling when you want,” he said, smiling. “Site for women” -Please beat the record, Christina Koch says Peggy Whitson, 59, with three space missions, remains her “hero” and “mentor.” She dreams of “inspiring the future generation of explorers.” Christina Koch returns to Earth shortly after the presentation, in the Super Bowl, of a new commercial for the Olay cosmetics brand with space dyes. NASA astronaut Nicole Stott calls for “making room for women” and aims to help the company raise $ 500,000 for the nonprofit Women Who Code, which encourages young women to study technology and science. The first woman to fly into space was Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova. His flight in 1963 remains the only space mission carried out by a woman alone. Since the launch of the ISS launches, Russia has only sent men into space, with the exception of Elena Serova in 2014. The two cosmonauts are currently deputies in the state Duma (lower house of the Russian parliament) where they represent the party in power United Russia.- And the men? -Unlike Christina Koch, whose stay in the ISS has been extended over the initial period, Luca Parmitano and Alexandre Skvortsov finish six-month missions.On Tuesday, Parmitano passed the ISS controls to Roskosmos cosmonaut Oleg Skrípochka.The astronaut 43-year-old Italian has regularly published photos of the Earth taken from the ISS, which show forest fires in Australia or the Alps, which he describes as “a backbone that never bows to time.” Four cosmonauts spent a year or something more in space during a single mission. The absolute record of 437 days is held by Valeri Poliakov. Among NASA astronauts, the record is Scott Kelly, with 340 consecutive days on the ISS, before returning to Earth in 2016.



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