A Video From Inside The Uvalde School Shows Armed Agents Waiting In The Hall During The Shooting

In a new video released by the media in Texas, United States, multiple armed police officers have been seen waiting in a corridor of two classrooms of the school in the town of Uvalde, where the shooting that left 19 students dead and two teachers on May 24.

The officers would have waited about an hour despite the fact that the doors were apparently never closed, according to the Austin Statesman newspaper and the KVUE-TV channel, which published the images on Monday night.


“Multiple officers were inside Robb Elementary School with rifles and at least one ballistic shield at 11:52 a.m. on the day of the shooting, new video and other evidence shows. They did not enter the classroom for another 58 minutes,” said investigative journalist Tony Plohetsk, who works for both outlets.

The images add to the complaints of parents who from the day of the massacre begged the agents to enter the school and have since questioned the authorities’ delay in doing so.

The investigations have indicated that at least 77 minutes passed between the entry of the author of the shooting, Salvador Ramos, 18, and his death, when he was shot by the officers. Investigators believe the shooter could not have locked the classroom door.

The officers in the corridor wanted to immediately enter rooms 111 and 112, which were interconnected, and where even the daughter of an officer was, but it was not clear who was in charge of the operation. A special agent who arrived on the scene about 20 minutes after the initial deployment asked the officers, “Don’t you know if there are children there? If there are children there, we must go in.”

“Whoever is in charge will determine it,” was the response he had, the Texas Tribune detailed today. After that comment, nearly another hour passed before a Border Patrol tactical team broke down the classroom doors and gunned Ramos down.

Authorities have shared conflicting information about who was in charge, who confronted the shooter, and when. In the midst of the controversy is the police chief of the Uvalde schools, Pete Arredondo, who assured that the doors were indeed closed and a master key was expected.

It was “waited for a key that was never needed”

Texas State Police Chief Steven McCraw has called the police response to the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde an “abject failure” that contradicts decades of training, according to reports. New York Times.

McCraw has indicated that just minutes after Ramos entered the classroom on May 24, the police officers who were on the scene had enough weapons and protective equipment to enter the classroom.

He has added that, however, the commander “decided to put the lives of the officers above the lives of the children” and that he delayed confronting the gunman because “he waited for a key that was never needed.” He has also explained that the classroom doors could only be closed from the outside. “There is no way to close the door from the inside. And there is no way for the subject to close the door from the inside, ”he has detailed.



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