A video shows the 60-year-old man who stabbed MoMA employees in New York

A Video Shows The 60-year-old Man Who Stabbed MoMA Employees In New York

NEW YORK — Video from the Museum of Modern Art in New York shows the moment a man jumped over the front desk and stabbed two employees Saturday.

Video released by New York City police shows the man, identified as Gary Cabana, 60, entering the museum lobby through a revolving door, climbing over the counter as a man holding what appears to be a walkie -talkie, try to stop it.

Police were still looking for Cabana Sunday morning.


The individual, wearing a black wool cap and surgical mask, is seen approaching three employees who were trapped in a small space and stabbing one of them — a young woman who seconds later managed to flee, though not before being stabbed again by the back.

The subject then stabs a second employee, while the man with the walkie-talkie throws a notebook at him. That apparently distracts the subject and the second victim flees. The third employee gets up from the floor as soon as the attacker runs away.

Authorities reported Saturday that the two employees — a 24-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman — were in stable condition. They did not release their names.

According to police, the museum barred him from entering Cabana on Saturday because he had previously engaged in aggressive behavior.

John Miller, police commissioner for intelligence and counterterrorism affairs, said the individual’s membership had been revoked due to two incidents of public nuisance in recent days.

NYC: Do you know him? Earlier today, inside the @MuseumModernArt

he stabbed a 24-year-old male employee and a 24-year-old female employee then fled. Both victims are in stable condition at an area hospital. If you have any information, contact @NYPDTips at 800-577-TIPS. pic.twitter.com/hkEezq6rQk

— NYPD NEWS (@NYPDnews) March 13, 2022

The museum sent Cabana a letter on Friday informing him that his membership had been suspended, but Cabana went to the museum on Saturday saying he wanted to see a movie there, according to police.

Cabana became upset when he was denied entry and stabbed the employees in the back, collarbone and neck, Miller said. The victims were immediately taken to hospital.

Miller said Saturday that the video shows where Cabana went after fleeing the museum. Police distributed photos of Cabana on Saturday night, asking the public to help capture him.

The individual has never been arrested before, according to police.

The museum has not yet responded to a request for comment, but announced on social media that it will be closed on Sunday.

The museum was evacuated after the incident. Yuichi Shimada, who was at the premises when the attack occurred, reported on Twitter that he was on the second floor when a couple suddenly came running, and he heard the radios of the security guards.

“It was very chaotic, partly because it was snowing, and a group of young women panicked and started crying,” Shimada wrote. “I suffer from claustrophobia so I ran out.”



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