A Woman Was Strangled By a Python In a House Where There Were 140 Snakes | Univision News Events

A 36-year-old woman died after being found with an 8-foot python snake tangled in her neck.

The house where Laura Hurts was found in Indiana was owned by Don Munson, an assistant to a former Benton County sheriff.

The property worked as a reptile farm that housed 140 snakes, of which 20 belonged to Hurts, so he visited them regularly, said Sergeant Kim Riley, spokesman for the Indiana State Police.


Munson, who lives next to the house, told the Journal & Courier that he found the woman on Wednesday night inside the apartment lying on the floor when a python was around his neck.

When they managed to remove the snake the doctors could not do anything to revive it, says the official statement.

Munson said he "is cooperating with the authorities" and had given all the information to the state police.

"It seems to have been strangled by the snake," Riley said. "We do not know in fact until after doctors perform an autopsy that is scheduled for Friday."

The local newspaper reported in 2001 that Munson was a snake breeder. During that year he was invited to an Oxford elementary school where he exhibited a 13-foot python to the students.

When that happened Munson was an assistant in the county sheriff's office and confessed to the students that he had about 52 snakes in his garage.

The house where Hurts was found dead does not have signs that warn that there are snakes inside.

The state of Indiana has specific laws regarding the possession of snakes and reptiles, however, the spokesman for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Marty Benson, informed a local newspaper that the type of permits required is not yet clear. to keep and raise the animals.

For his part, Riley said the investigation into the woman's death will continue.

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