“A World For Julius”: Film Shooting Begins Based On The Work Of Alfredo Bryce Echenique Cine

Updated on 10/02/2019 at 20:25

Based on the novel by Alfredo Bryce Echenique and directed by Rossana Díaz, "A world for Julius" began the recordings on October 1.

This shooting, which will take place in Lima, will last five weeks and will feature the participation of renowned actors such as Mayella Lloclla, Ferrari Fiorella, Gonzalo Torres, Fernando Bacilio and a cast that will be part of this great production that reaches theaters and to Spanish television in 2020, the date on which the 50th anniversary of the novel "A world for Julius" is celebrated.



Julius is a high-class child in Lima in the 50s. He lives in a palace with his aristocratic family and extensive servitude. As the years go by, Julius will gradually lose his innocence, discovering – and never understanding – an adult world full of inequalities and injustices.

The actors that will be part of this production are Mayella Lloclla in the role of Vilma, Ferrari Fiorella as Susan, Nacho Fresneda as Juan Lucas, Fernando Bacilio as Celso, Antonieta Pari as Armida, Gonzalo Torres as Juan Lastarria, Camila McLennan as Susana Lastarria Matías Raygada as Rafaelito Lastarria, Pamela Saco as Cinthia and Xavier Sardá as Father Javier. The role of Julius will be played by Rodrigo Barba (Julius 4 years old) and Augusto Linares (Julius 9 years old).

This film is produced by Tombuktu Films (Peru), Visiona TV (Spain), Televisión Española and Machaco Films (Argentina).

The technical team is made up of Rossana Díaz Costa in script and direction, Gabriel Di Martino (Argentina) in the Photography Direction, Susana Torres in the Art Direction, Marco Moscoso in the Production Direction, Eric Williams in Edition and Leslie Hinojosa in Costume Design.