A Year Later, Juan Soler Finally Tells Why He Left Maky And His Daughters

The actor says that there came a time when he realized that he had given up many things for his family.

On November 27, 2018 the Argentine actors Juan Soler and Maky They announced to the world that they were officially separated after 15 years of marriage.


“We want to share the decision made as a couple by mutual agreement, very thoughtful, from the love and respect that we have to put a pause in our marriage. SEPARATE US AND GIVE US A TIME … ”was part of the message that the couple sent through a statement.

Afterwards, the actress stayed in Miami with their daughters, blue Y Mine Y Juan Soler he returned to live to Mexico where he has participated in several projects. More than a year away Juan Soler He finally revealed the reason why he decided to stop living in Miami.

“I think there is a moment where the word not said weighs much more than the discussion, that the fight, that the confrontation, that the confrontation,” he acknowledged in the program The last one and we leave .

“I think that there was a lack of dialogue at a certain moment, I think that there was a lack of truth, there was a lack of honesty and I believe that there are decisions not taken, within the couple, that affected a lot.”

“I stopped doing things, that (I) was wrong about that. I stopped being me and for me there was nothing more important, but I gave up many things for my family, I gave up many things for Maky, for my daughters, I quit, I quit and I quit. I looked in the mirror and I no longer knew who Juan was, it was very hard, ”he acknowledged Juan Soler .

In addition to sharing the real reason he moved away from his family, the actor also acknowledged that he is giving himself a chance in love.

“I am having a great time because I am also meeting a person and this person does me good. Physically it is impossible for me to be here because we live so far away, it is a virtual relationship.”