Aaron Rodgers And Danica Patrick Sent 400 Ice Popsicles To Teenagers

GREEN BAY, Wis. – A Connecticut girl did not remember professing her love for Aaron Rodgers in a post-surgery video, which shows her crying and asking that the Green Bay Packers quarterback be there, but Danica Patrick did what she could to satisfy The wishes of the teenager.

Patrick, Rodgers’ girlfriend, saw Callie Kessler’s message on Twitter from the video that was made after angina surgery. In the video, Kessler says, among other things, that he loves Rodgers and “I want Aaron Rodgers to come so that my throat doesn’t hurt,” and that Rodgers, “buy me 400 Popsicles (ice popsicles).”

We would like to buy you 400 popsicles. Dm your address. HopeWe hope you feel better, but if you don’t, the popsicles should help a little! 🙌🏼 @ AaronRodgers12 https://t.co/DMezMuCDWy


– Danica Patrick (@DanicaPatrick) February 8, 2020

Thank you @ AaronRodgers12 and @DanicaPatrick #gopackgo

unreal !!! pic.twitter.com/nw9JgA4W2e

– callie kessler (@Calliekessler) February 10, 2020

On Monday, the paddles arrived courtesy of Rodgers and Patrick.

Kessler, 18, told CBS 58 in Milwaukee that she has been fond of Packers “since I can walk.” He said he has never been to Lambeau Field but went to his first Packers game last season when Green Bay played against the New York Giants on December 1.

“I’m sorry I was so ridiculous,” the young woman from North Haven, Connecticut, told the television station. “But my love for the Packers is huge and it will be that way no matter what.”

Rodgers and Patrick made arrangements last week while Rodgers competed in the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am of the PGA Tour. Rodgers was the amateur couple of the professional Max Homa and finished the event ninth.