Abinader Starts Citizen Mobilization For Renewal And Change

Presidential candidate Luis Abinader was supported by prominent personalities from the academic, business, artistic and sports world, who showed their commitment to the proposals for renewal and change that he represents as a candidate of the Modern Revolutionary Party and allied forces for the next elections.

As a team, he said they aim to establish a transparent government that eliminates corruption and impunity and with strong institutions that rescue the dignity and decorum with which we deserve to live each and every Dominican and Dominican.

Abinader said that Dominicans deserve to live in a country where there is security, respect and order, and where health, social security, quality education and good jobs are social rights, noting that a government will apply that promote the integral development of the people.


He said he was excited and grateful to receive the support of so many Dominicans who have earned spaces of respect in sports, academia, art and culture, entrepreneurship and professional prestige.

In the academic and professional sector were the past rector of the UASD, Julio Ravelo Astacio, the former Administrative Vice Chancellor, Ramón Camacho, Ricardo Winter and Gabriel Read, rectors of the Dominican Industrial and Latin American Industrial Psychology universities.

In addition, the eminent neurosurgeon Ulises Acosta, doctors Víctor Livio and Miguel Ángel Cedeño, and also the entrepreneur Eduardo del Orbe.

The former Major League baseball players Miguel Tejada, Quilvio Veras, Alberto Castillo, Ramón Martínez, Yorkis Pérez, Esteban Germán, Rubén Mateo, Sergio de Luna, Rafael Roque, Francis Martínez, and leading chroniclers José Luis Mendoza and Alberto Rodriguez, among others

The award-winning producer, director and music teacher Amaury Sánchez, Carlos de la Mota, actor and producer, the prominent artist Carlos Alfredo Fatule and Magaly Febles, representative in the country of Miss Universe participated in the activity.

In addition the singers Carlitos Way, Naomy Mieses, John Distrito and Henya, who is also a cultural activist, and René Guillón, professional photographer.

The activity was accompanied by presidential candidate Roberto Fulcar, Tony Peña Guaba, César Cedeño, Senator Santiago Zorrilla, Geanilda Vásquez, Andrés Lugo Risk and other personalities.