Abogados Cristianos Brings To The Supreme Court The Limit Of 25 People At Mass In Castilla y León

The Christian Lawyers Association has requested this Monday to the Supreme Court very precautionary measures to suspend the order of the Junta de Castilla y León that limits the capacity of religious celebrations to 25 people.

For this reason, it considers that it is a “very severe and extraordinarily disproportionate measure that does not respond to any medical or epidemiological criteria and that legally does not comply with the proportionality criterion and is very broad and ambiguous.”


The organization of lawyers considers that “the measure promoted by the regional president, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, and the vice president, Francisco Igea, is a de facto ban on going to mass and recalls that the Autonomous Communities do not have powers to restrict fundamental rights.” He does not rule out going even to the Strasbourg Human Rights Court for what he considers “an attack on religious freedom,” as reported in a statement.

The president of the ultra-Catholic organization, Polonia Castellanos, denounces that “yesterday in the Cathedral of Valladolid many people were prohibited from entering mass for exceeding the capacity limit of 25, while in a theater in the city, much smaller was allowed to attend to more than 100 “.

Also highlights a recent Order of the Litigation Court of Albacete that indicates that “the exercise of religious freedom, with the limitations and conditions already imposed by state regulations, does not pose a true danger of contagion.” And it highlights that “the current state of science of the public and notorious knowledge allows us to affirm that religious acts are not among the propagating elements of the virus, unlike family celebrations, recreational and recreational activities and nightlife …”.



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