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Categories: Entertainment

Absolute Happiness: Kimberly Loaiza Married Juan De Dios Pantoja Again

If there is something that is very clear, it is that Kimberly Loaiza is one of the most important personalities in Latin America and this is due to the fact that she owns great popularity on social networks.

There the beautiful influencer posts various moments of her private life that are quickly commented on by her millions of followers from all over the planet.

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In the middle of this year he released the song “You lost me” which has become a real success as it has more than 54 million views on YouTube.

While the beautiful Aztec has surprised more than one with her songs since she has shown that she is the owner of an extremely captivating voice.

For her part, a few hours ago on Instagram the beautiful singer published a series of photos where she showed that once again she married Juan de Dios Pantoja, so everyone was really captivated.



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