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Achieve Desired Wellness With Schultz Autogenic Training

Do you have any idea when was the last time you were really relaxed or relaxed, thinking about nothing but those things that give you pleasure? Well, this little free time, or the inability to get out of the routine, is one of the frequent ills. Learn about Schultz’s autogenic training.

The stress that comes from the many obligations we assume and a lifestyle that does not allow us to stop to appreciate what is truly important, is causing many people, of different origins and ages, to wonder about effective techniques in this regard.

And, precisely in this sense, we find that one of the fastest growing currents in recent years is the autogenic training developed by the Berlin psychiatrist Johannes Heinrich Schultz, one aimed at achieving that brain and body loosening that we long for.

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Schultz Autogenic Training – What is it?

As we said, Schultz’s autogenic training aims for the individual to be completely transformed, from the adoption of a series of physiological exercises. Six, to be more precise.

As its own name implies, this is a training that is developed from the human being’s own possibilities, and this psychiatrist established certain essential rules, in his opinion, to generate changes in psychology.

Ultimately, Schultz’s goal is for each of us to be able to influence, through training of the mind, the behavior of the rest of the body.

Schultz Autogenic Training Exercises

Heaviness exercise Heat exercise Pulsation exercise Breathing exercise Abdominal regulation Head exercise

Considerations prior to incorporating this practice

In order for Schultz’s autogenic training to really achieve the expected results, you should find a comfortable, quiet place, with the right temperature and light, where no one will interrupt you.

It is even advisable that before starting this training you educate yourself in dialogue with yourself. Telling you that you are calm, that you feel comfortable in that place, etc.

On the other hand, and although the possibility tempts you, you should not affect the order of the exercises.

How long does it take to learn Schultz autogenic training?

This is the question that everyone asks, and although the answer will depend on various factors, about three minutes a day, with two or three sessions a day, takes up to two weeks to learn.

Of course, you have to be absolutely constant and systematic or, otherwise, you will lose the progress you have made so far. If you do, in about six months you will be an expert.


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