Actor Vince Vaughn Talks With Donald Trump Causing The Division Of Networks

The American actor Vince Vaughn is being the protagonist of the last hours after a video has been spread on social networks in which he can be seen having a talk with the president of the United States Donald Trump. Both enjoyed a college football match in New Orleans.

A talk of just seconds

Although nobody knows what they could have been talking about, the truth is that the video is being the most commented on these social networks that showed their division of opinions about it. There were those who from the beginning focused on attacking the American actor for chatting with the president, who could be living his most criticized stage since he began his term.


However, Vaughn's defenders, who did not see beyond a simple talk between two people who are in a football stadium, would also leave – although it would take longer. In between the two, Melania Trump, who remained silent in the face of the conversation of her husband and the actor.

“It's nice to be nice to people, and talk to them with different points of view. This country needs to unite and stop hatred regardless of who the president is, ”explained one of the followers who reacted to the video.

The left doesn’t want to cancel Vince Vaughn because they can’t remember who he is.

– Molly Jong-Fast (@MollyJongFast) January 14, 2020

They have asked for explanations by networks

Some of them asked that Vince Vaughn himself explain himself about this conversation, others said they have gone from being "in love" with him, just wanting to vomit for his talk.

The truth is that this division of opinions on social networks makes clear the image that President Trump has in the Twitter community, where many of the Americans do not seem to get along well with actors – regardless of their political intention – chat amiably with President Trump Despite being a video of just a few seconds in length, the fact is that the fact that they both spoke and shook hands seems to have been reason enough for thousands of people on social networks to request to boycott Vaughn.



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