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Actress Maleni Morales, Otto Sirgo’s Wife, Dies

ANDA mourned the death of the actress who participated in melodramas such as ‘Rosa Salvaje’ and ‘The rich also cry’.

Through the account of the National Association of Actors (ANDA) the death of the actress was notified Maleni Morales, who participated in melodramas like The rich also cry, Wild Rose, Camila, among others; and who was the actor’s wife Otto Sirgo.

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The couple had a marriage of more than 45 years and it was a few months ago when the actor shared how the disease evolved. Maleni

, who suffered from lung cancer; so far the causes of his death have not been specified.

“He had a little problem there that needed a very long treatment, not hospitalized, going to take it sometimes once a day and other twice a day. Now, it is in the maintenance process that would be every three weeks,” he said in July of this year the 73-year-old actor for the program Sale el sol.

Through the Twitter account of the WALK Condolences were sent to the actor and his two daughters.

“@Andactores deeply regrets the death of our colleague Maleni Morales, a member of our union, which occurred today. Our condolences to our C. @ottosirgo, family and friends. DEP ”, reads the message on said social network.

Similarly, the entertainment journalist Pati chapoy, added to the condolences for the unfortunate loss of the actor.

In September of this year the actor enthusiastically shared for the program First hand that his wife had managed to beat cancer.

“She did not present any symptoms or anything, but it was through a routine study, let’s say, that it was discovered, because she was beginning to gasp and not because of lung cancer, because the tumor was pressing on a part of the vena cava “said Otto.

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