Adamari López Dulls Francisca Lachapel With a Little Dress

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Adamari López showed off her body in a little dress that left her legs exposed Francisca Lachapel showed off a cleavage that highlighted her breasts Comments for both drivers did not wait

After appearing in a swimsuit with everything and her extra pounds, Adamari López returned to 'A New Day' and showed off style and curves with a little dress that accentuated her curves and of course exposed her turned legs, so sensual that it opaque to Francisca Lachapel who could not with her cleavage against the Puerto Rican.

The couple of Toni Costa has been constantly targeted by attacks and compliments for their outfits and way of dressing in 'A New Day', because there are days when it looks spectacular and in others when people think they were dressed by their worst enemy .

Adamari López overshadowed Francisca Lachapel on Instagram with a navy blue dress that tightened her breasts, highlighted her waist and of course exposed her toned legs.

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The photograph raised more than 10 thousand 'likes' and in it Adamari López seems very smiling, with a hand on her waist, her hair loose with a navy blue dress with vertical and horizontal stripe textures that highlighted her figure and accentuated her curves .

The arms of the Puerto Rican were exposed showing his tan, since he was recently along the beach with his partner Toni Costa, but what took the comments were undoubtedly his legs, which shone in all their splendor with the dress.

The people who follow her on ‘A New Day’ commented: “The people who criticize you. They are frustrated and envious. Do not listen to them. You are beautiful "," Very beautiful, those clothes are "," Blessings Ada, very beautiful, and your sympathy makes you more beautiful! "," Linda "," Divine "," Beautiful "," You are very beautiful, do not leave that people harm you with their comments you are beautiful inside and out. ”

And the beauty and sensuality of Adamari López, managed to overshadow Francisca Lachapel, who did what he could to stand out with a sensual cleavage.

Francisca Lachapel knows that her beauty is unique and took the opportunity to share a photograph where she wears a very flattering outfit for her figure, highlighting a powerful neckline that tightened her breasts.

The presenter of 'Awake America' received almost 20 thousand 'likes' in a photograph in which she boasts her stylized body in an elegant mustard blouse with volume on the shoulders and frills on her waist that looked thinner than ever, however their breasts were the main protagonists.

Francisca Lachapel is about to get married and it seems that she is getting everything to exercise and diets to make that day something spectacular that translates into a lot of class and beauty in her body, so it is not surprising that she has worn a low cut that exceeded the limits of sex appeal.

The mustard blouse combined it perfectly with white pants.

The comments for Francisca Lachapel's photograph appeared: “I love your blouse, that color looks great on you”, “You look radiant”, “Your humility and simplicity make you a beautiful and powerful woman God bless you always”, “Bello el top ”,“ I like your blouse ”,“ Francisca you look beautiful, please tell me where you bought that blouse you are wearing ”.

But this has not been the only occasion in which Adamari López and Francisca Lachapel appear very sexy.