Adele Surprises With His Thinness In These Photos

Adele has started the year surprising the world with its new look. To receive 2020 in style, the singer of ‘Set Fire to the Rain’ is spending a few days relaxing in the Caribbean with other celebrities. Filtered photographs of the trip have shown not only his spectacular weight loss, but also that he is happier than ever.Adele at the Grammy Awards in 2017. (Photo: John Shearer / Getty) MoreThe British was captured on the beaches of Anguilla accompanied of celebrities like Harry Styles and James Corden. In the photos, published by People magazine on January 8, Adele wore a short black and white dress that showed her turned legs and marked her brand new figure. The diva is practically unrecognizable after losing 19 kilos, according to information from the Daily Mail. The interpreter’s fans have been most surprised at his radical change and have said so on social networks, where they have shared numerous messages of support and they have been glad that things are going so well after their divorce (he married Simon Konecki in 2016). And do not go out are your “but thinness is not synonymous with beauty.” Pana, one when she loses weight feels much more beautiful, and that is what you reflect. Adele is beautiful, and even more so being thin. Fiiiiiiiin.— Katty ChaBa (@kattychaba) January 8, 2020 God that beautiful is adele, the true one who could— liar nico 3 (@gardenmilaz) January 9, 2020 @Adele what are you doing to be so thin ??? Give me the friend recipe !!! 😭😭😭— Mateo Villarreal🖖😛 (@ villanov29) January 8, 2020 The press was complaining when Adele was fat, now she complains because she is thin, there is no train that suits you. Her fandom is not worried or anything, on the contrary we are happy for her, because she keeps her talent intact.– Tennessee (@TennesseTsukino) January 6, 2020 Adele is beautiful ..— ⒷⒾⓈⒽⓄⓅ (@FranklinNuques) January 8, 2020 #Adele She has always been a very beautiful woman, of that there is no doubt, but it is a fact that from her drastic weight loss radiates a security that we love. Thus the paparazzi captured it on Anguilla Island. Well…— Mia Barajas (@ Mia_B12) January 9, 2020 But since it is impossible to please everyone, many other Internet users have commented alarmed the weight loss of the author of ‘Someone Like You’. Despite the negative comments, the 31-year-old star has been fulfilling his goal of changing his physique for several months. Hopefully it does not become very thin anorexic adele is like another person— Dilan (@ Dilan48001462) January 5, 2020

OMG ADELE IS SUPER THIN 😳😳😳😳😳— Sara. (@ 39269_) January 4, 2020 Adele is the one in the photos? That woman so thin? – Soulagement (@ KDPV8) January 6, 2020 Read more Honestly, how ugly Adele looks that thin. But then if she is happy like this … 🤷🏻‍♀️— Windstorm Witch (@ grayWW_82026) January 7, 2020 There are people who look better fat. Adele is one of them— Ismael Acosta (@MrNeofloyd) January 7, 2020 Adele looks more beautiful being fat.— Gabriella (@ Genesis_3G) January 7, 2020 When Adele was fatter, people criticized that she was fat. Now that Adele is skinnier they are criticizing that she is very skinny … People, and if they leave her alone, better ??? – Quena Noriega 💃💃💃 (@Quenaa) January 8, 2020 Although his thinness is now more evident than ever, his change has been gradual and has surprised the public in each of his last appearances. One of the most commented took place in October 2019 during Drake’s birthday, where she was already significantly more slender. Adele has been away from the spotlights since he announced his separation from Konecki last April. The couple, who has a son born in 2012 and named Angelo, formalized the divorce proceedings already in September 2019. To forget the problems, the British is spending unforgettable days with other artists. A vacation that has already jumped to the media thanks to the generosity of Harry Styles. The former member of One Direction had dinner at an island restaurant worth $ 472.50. An account for which he left a tip of $ 2,020, as revealed by the restaurant itself by hanging an image of the bill on his Instagram account. The young man also had the detail of writing ‘Happy New Year’ on paper. After the release of his latest album, titled ’25’ (2015), everything points to Adele returning with a new album in 2020. “He is back in the UK and intends to write here. He has contacted several studio musicians to work with her and has already written some of the songs, ”revealed a source close to The Sun. However, at the moment they are just rumors without confirmation from you. More stories that may interest you: