Adele: They Reveal What Was The Diet That Made Her Lose 19 Kilos Of Weight

Adele: They reveal what was the diet that made her lose 19 kilos of weight. | AP Agency

Adele looks better than ever and today they reveal what was the diet that made her lose 19 kilos of weight. If she could too, and we have all the details, is a loving separation necessary to look like her? Not necessarily.

Adele has overcame her divorce and was not locked up crying at home without proving sin, in addition to giving herself completely to her work as a mother, her talent cannot remain stagnant and with those two powerful ingredients she has been motivated to lose weight.


Although, at the beginning of his career, Adele was overweight, as the years have passed he has been losing kilos, in addition to facing problems with his voice and overcoming them to remain the queen of the stages. Each time he presents a new album he surprises with his renewed physique, so we could be close to new musical themes.

But leaving aside the professional side of Adele, how did she lose 19 kilos? The singer had retired from the stage after adding more successes to her career, it was here that the divorce occurred. It wasn't until a week or a little more when he surprised with his slender figure at Drake's birthday party and actress Jennifer Lawrence's wedding.

Adele's diet to lose weight

In addition to the diet, Adele combined the change in his diet with pilates, said goodbye to tea – which is almost inconceivable to a British girl – and he succeeded.

At 31, Adele continues to show a great sense of humor and she herself revealed that:

"I got used to crying, but now I sweat"

It was the newspaper "The Sun" who revealed their secrets and they are not difficult at all! Adele used various strategies, the first of which was the Sirtfood diet, a very popular method among celebrities in the United Kingdom and others of international stature such as Madonna, Pippa Middelton and Daniel Craig, who is the current agent 007, James Bond.

The Sirtfood diet promises to reduce up to three kilos per week but many say it is not very healthy, although Adele worked. It is characterized by foods rich in sirtuin enzymes, which create an effect similar to fasting and exercise in the body, significantly reduce stomach inflation.

Among the most consumed foods of the Stirfood diet and now by Adele are green tea, dark chocolate, apples, turmeric, parsley, kale (kale), blueberries and citrus fruits. Criticisms are that in the first week it only allows you to consume 1000 calories per day, when the recommended by health experts is 2500.

The Sun reports that Adele also resorted to pilates reformer, an exercise that uses a machine to achieve greater results from each session. This type of pilates not only tones muscles and causes weight loss, but also helps reduce back pain, improves posture, strengthens the abdominal area and the pelvic floor.

To this according to the British media, Adele added training videos with high impact routines created by coach Joe Wicks, performs his exercises in the comfort of his home with the help of professional coach and another specialist, Dalton Wong, who usually works With celebrities It also included weightlifting.

Adele was also given the task of considerably reducing his consumption of sugar, because thanks to his habit of drinking almost 10 cups of tea a day and in each place placing two lumps of sugar, it seemed impossible. Today he admits that he has more energy than ever.

This radical change in Adele's life and health came after his divorce with Simon Konecki, with whom he was seven years old as a couple and together they had a child, little Angelo. Adele also quit tobacco and alcohol, says she is now focused on living happily without becoming obsessed with her physical appearance.