Administrative Area Of ​​the Comprehensive Cancer Center Evicted

Several employees of the Comprehensive Cancer Center of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) were sent home, awaiting further instructions, after an employee who had traveled to Italy reported symptoms associated with a respiratory illness while working, the director confirmed. interim executive of the institution, Marcia Cruz Correa.

“He is administrative staff, he has a fever and a cough and he was recently in Italy. She was asked to go to the closest hospital to her home, which is the one that corresponds to her, so that she could be evaluated, “said the researcher.

At a time when five suspected cases of COVID-19 coronavirus disease have already been reported on the island, although none have been confirmed, Cruz Correa said that they contacted personnel from the Epidemiology Office of the Health Department to find out the steps to follow.


The situation was reported at the headquarters of the Comprehensive Cancer Center, which is located in the complex of the Medical Center in Río Piedras, from where investigations are mainly carried out. The institution operates a hospital, which is located at the exit to the Las Américas Express.

As a preventive measure, the administration of the Comprehensive Cancer Center asked employees to “sit closer” to the woman with symptoms to return home.

“That was around 3:00 p.m.,” said Cruz Correa.

“He was recommended to have the test (for COVID-19),” he added.



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