Adopt This Technique To Exercise When You Have Limited Time

Adopt This Technique To Exercise When You Have Limited Time

Adopt this technique to exercise when you have limited time

By Charoh Ortiz

Comprehensive Nutrition Advisor


Is it almost impossible for you to add an exercise routine to your daily life?

Don’t worry! There is a technique that allows you to exercise without having to spend more than a few minutes at a time engaged in movement.

It’s all about the micro workouts.

Micro workouts are not really new, but this year they will become more fashionable since after the pandemic, many people are resuming their activities and even taking more care of themselves than they were before the pandemic. Fortunately, micro workouts offer the ability to exercise at any time of day and almost anywhere.

Micro workouts consist of a series of exercises that are performed quickly and intensely and last from one to 15 minutes. Micro workouts can be done more than once a day, depending on your time and physical ability of course.

For years, we have been led to believe that to be in shape we must perform difficult exercise routines that also take a lot of time and dedication. However, for thousands of years, humans have stayed strong and fit simply by doing daily, repetitive tasks, such as cutting the grass, cleaning the house, playing with the children, walking, pruning trees, etc. One of the problems today is that, as you know, many of us spend long hours of the day sitting down and doing very little physical activity, in general.

That is why, if your work or other daily tasks prevent you from having extra time to do exercise routines so that you can strengthen your muscles, improve your elasticity and cardiovascular health, doing micro workouts can be of great benefit.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC recommend that to get to and maintain a healthy weight, you should do the equivalent of 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity each week (for example, 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week). week). You should also take into account that each person has different physical activity needs. You may need to be more active or reduce the number of calories you eat to achieve your desired weight.

Remember to check with your doctor to make sure you are fit to perform an exercise routine or if you have questions about it.

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