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Afraid To Leave! Eduardo Yáñez Has Cancer, They Say

Afraid to leave! Eduardo Yáñez has cancer, they say | Instagram

Recently the news broke that the beloved Mexican actor Eduardo Yáñez underwent an operation to remove some stones in his kidney, the famous one felt enormous relief after his great pains went away; However, his relief was short-lived as they say they have discovered that he suffers from cancer.

It was intense pain in his back that warned Eduardo Yáñez Luévano that something was wrong with his kidneys and when he checked it, he proceeded to remove the stones that were causing these discomfort, but what he thought would be the end of his nightmare, was just the beginning; Well, the protagonist of Destilando Amor has something else.

According to TVyNotas, the doctors found anomalies in the kidneys of the film and television actor and when in doubt, they preferred to perform a biopsy, the pathology result was very hard: Eduardo Yáñez would be facing kidney cancer.

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An alleged close source shared with the magazine that Angélica Rivera’s former co-star does not want to make this situation public since he is very reserved, so the advanced status of his situation is unknown; However, what is known is that the famous from Televisa took the courage to question his doctors about what is next.

The source added that Yáñez will receive chemotherapy, radiotherapy; and you could even have a kidney completely removed. The actor is determined to receive treatment to face cancer and continue with his life and his projects.

Despite this situation, the person assured the magazine that the True Loves actor is afraid to leave very soon and this is something that has him in a very strong depression. He assured that the soap opera star will most likely deny that he is facing illness since he does not like to be pitied.

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The person who claims to be a friend of Eduardo Yáñez points out that “everything came together”, assured that sadness, courage and others are devastating the famous; as well as other problems. The actor dealt with the loss of his mother last year and has had some other financial issues.

Regarding cancer, he pointed out that it is silent, that the handsome television star related his back pain to a fall he had in 2007 and later, to kidney stones; Ultimately, this was what led him to a diagnosis, the one he fears so much.

Yáñez is one of the most famous faces in soap operas, the actor began to shine on the screen at an early age and attract the attention of viewers for his gallantry and enormous personality. A short time ago, a confrontation began over the department in which he lives, which they say belonged to Don Ernesto Alonso.

The heiress of Señor Telenovela points out that Eduardo appropriated the apartment and that it actually belongs to him, so he demands it be removed from the place. The close friendship between Eduardo Yáñez and Ernesto Alonso has given much to talk about and there are even those who say that it was the producer who brought the young Yáñez to fame.

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Although the famous man has a great career in film and television, his most loyal followers remember him most for Destilando Amor, in which he became the partner of La Gaviota, a character who became more than famous incarnated by Angélica Rivera, who later From that soap opera she became the First Lady of Mexico.

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Another of the telenovelas that are greatly remembered is Amores Verdaderos, in which he gave life to the bodyguard of Érika Buenfil and where he also shared credits with Eiza González and Sebastián Rulli.


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