After 128 Days In a Hospital, 51 Days On a Respirator, Covid-19 Survivor ‘Larry The Miraculous’ Is Finally Home

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(WAB NEWS) – At one point, Larry Kelly was considered the sickest patient at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital. A day after being admitted, he was put on a respirator when the covid-19 devastated his lungs.

He suffered seizures and when his condition worsened, his wife had to prevent doctors from disconnecting him.


It was not for nothing that his brother nicknamed him “Larry the Miraculous.”

After 128 days in the hospital – 51 on a respirator – Kelly was released from a medical center on Thursday, allowing him to return home and hug his family.

From cold to coma

When Kelly, a retired high school assistant principal, tested positive for coronavirus in March, she said she simply “felt like she had a cold.” After her hospital admission, however, her condition rapidly deteriorated.

“While in a coma, I had pneumonia in both lungs,” the 64-year-old man told CNN. “I was agitated, so they gave me fentanyl to calm me down. I became addicted to fentanyl, so they had to stop giving me methadone and I had massive brain hemorrhage, which they say covered my entire brain. ”

Doctors called Kelly’s wife, daughter and brother to go to the hospital, strongly suggesting that they agree to withdraw him from life support and say his last goodbyes. When they arrived, his wife, Dawn Kelly, saw Larry’s frail body and said that his knees gave way.

“It was connected to many monitors. Pipes everywhere. EEG in your brain. It looked horrible, ”said her daughter, Jackie Kelly.

But when doctors insisted on disconnecting him, his wife recalled the last text message Kelly had sent her before they put him on a respirator: “I promise I will never stop fighting.”

“I said he wanted to live,” recalled Dawn Kelly, who told the doctors. “We all said that.”

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“It was not easy to get here”

With the support of her family and the hard work of the medical staff, Kelly finally opened her eyes on Easter Sunday.

“I’m very lucky,” Kelly said. “But on Easter Sunday in New York 527 people died, so people around me died and I did not die. It’s a miracle? I don’t know, but this disease affects not only people but their families. “

“I am very sorry for the people who lost their loved ones and everyone should wear their mask,” Kelly said tearfully. “You don’t want this. It was not easy to get here. ”

In late May, Kelly continued her healing process at the New Jewish Home, an assisted living facility, where she worked with three different physical, occupational, and speech therapists to get her body back to normal, according to The New York. Times.

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And on Thursday he finally walked out the doors of the facilities to receive applause from his family, friends and caregivers.

The first thing he said he expected after spending 128 days in the hospital is his first meal at home.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever eaten food in a nursing home, but …” Larry jokingly told CNBS affiliate WCBS.