After a New Provocation From North Korea, Donald Trump Warned That Kim Jong-un Has “everything To Lose” If He Acts “in a Hostile Way”

"Kim Jong Un is too smart and has too much to lose, all in fact, if he acts hostile," Trump said on his Twitter account and in response to the test at Sohae's satellite launch base.

“He signed a resounding Denuclearization Agreement with me in Singapore. He does not want to run out of his special relationship with the president of the United States or interfere with the presidential elections in November, ”the president added.

In this way Trump made reference to the historic summit held by both leaders in Singapore in 2018, which ended for a while the nuclear and missile tests of the North Korean regime, after sealing the commitment of both leaders to move towards the withdrawal of the nuclear weapons of the Korean peninsula.


But since then negotiations have stalled over the inability of both sides, and Pyongyang has resumed its ballistic missile tests.

In a second tweet, Trump said that North Korea has "under the leadership of Kim Jong-un" an "immense" economic potential, although he stressed that "it must be denuclearized as promised."

"NATO, China, Russia, Japan and the whole world agree on this!" He concluded.

North Korea conducted a "very important test" at its Sohae satellite launch base on Saturday, the official KCNA agency announced, in a context of stagnation in the negotiations between Pyongyang and Washington.

The result of this essay will have an “important effect,” by changing the “strategic status” of North Korea, a spokesman for the National Academy of Sciences of the North said in a statement released by KCNA, which did not provide further details on the Artifact tested.

During a summit organized in Seoul in September 2018, after that of Singapore, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un pledged to close the Sohae site, also known by the name of Tongchang-ri.

But the progress towards a "denuclearization" of the Korean peninsula did not last long. In March, the satellites detected some works that were being carried out on this base for a “rapid reconstruction”.



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