After Accusation Of Violence By Martha Cristiana, Ana Serradilla Supports Her Boyfriend

The actress said the accusations of violence her fiancé has received do not change her wedding plans.

Some days ago, Martha Cristiana denounced through social networks that she experienced gender violence at the hands of her ex-husband Raúl Martínez Ostos , who is a few days away from marrying the actress Ana Serradilla.


In an interview for the program Sale el Sol, Martha Cristiana confessed that she decided to make her experience public because she continues to suffer the ravages of her marriage to Martínez Ostos.

“There are still, let’s say, so many attacks, always passive aggressive and always wanting to see me weak, many things keep happening. I have kept silent a thousand times, I have kept silent a thousand things to protect just the wonderful things we spent together, we got married in the church, we had two children, and now we are going to try to discredit those 16 years we spent together … Do you have so much courage for me because I asked for a divorce? Because I didn’t paint your horn, I didn’t leave you on the street. ”

About, Ana Serradilla He stated that it seems sad to him that, a few days after his wedding, Martha Cristiana Reveal these passages from your life and even more so when your marriage to the businessman ended five years ago.

“It was strong and a bit sad because this divorce took place approximately five years ago and having these statements was like ‘Wow, just a few days after the wedding’, but well, everything happens for a reason and I can neither judge nor anything, Raul he will know how to handle it and how to solve it in the best way and through the appropriate channel, “he told Who in the event 31 women we love 2020

“He has always liked to maintain his privacy and me too. I can only talk about what I lived and what I know and the relationship I have because I still pinch myself to see if it is real because I am with an incredible man, really fantastic ”, he declared Ana upon arrival at the event 31 women we love organized by the magazine Who.