After Accusations, Alejandra Guzmán’s Team Plans To Sue Frida Sofía

Faced with this threat, the young singer responded forcefully.

The office of Alejandra Guzmán in Mexico will file a defamation lawsuit against Frida sofia after the young woman revealed that she has spent years without receiving any money from her mother and that the singer’s workers are probably the ones who were keeping that capital, in addition to some of them giving drugs and alcohol to the rocker.


After releasing the news in the program First hand, the drivers of the broadcast revealed that this would imply that Frida he would have to undergo psychological tests in Mexico to have his psychological and emotional state analyzed.

For his part, Frida sofia He seems not to worry about this situation, and true to his habit, he took up his Instagram account to rant against one of the La Guzmán employees and also against the journalist. Gustavo Adolfo Infante

, title of First hand.

Along with the video where the lawsuit against him is announced, Frida wrote: “I look forward to it! Defamation is when you tell lies to screw someone’s image … Mr. Guillermo (according to the lawyer) where you graduated from, and how strange that you go to your pin .. (sic) midget always, “annoyed the daughter of Alejandra Guzmán.

As for the rocker, this Wednesday, April 29, she published a statement on her social networks in which she refers to the lawsuit with her daughter.

“What a shame to have to clarify this at a time when humanity is concerned about global health … About Cinthia and WilliamMy managers, it is totally false what is speculated of an abuse or robbery. I manage the money and I have it, nobody sleeps me, nor does he give me alcohol or drugs, with them it is the opposite.

“I don’t send money to my daughter … she doesn’t live in an apartment of that price either. I only pay the monthly maintenance fee where he lives and his annual taxes. As well as the car in which it moves. She takes care of her food and her personal expenses. ”