After Being Thrashed, Man United Seeks To Learn From Tyson Fury

MANCHESTER, England (AP) – Against the ropes after his first loss as Manchester United manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wants his players to learn from world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury as they try to absorb their latest Premier League setback.

Solskjaer is trying to keep his post after Liverpool’s 5-0 thrashing at Old Trafford last weekend.


On Friday, Solskjaer stressed that this is not the first time he has faced a difficult situation in his three years managing United and said he was ready to “fight back” after visiting Tottenham on Saturday.

Solskjaer pointed out that his team looked like a “disoriented” fighter against Liverpool, who went up after five minutes and were already leading 4-0 at halftime.

“We conceded a goal and wanted to reorganize ourselves, but we opened up too much, we were too shaken against a good team,” Solskjaer summed up. “You see Tyson Fury when he’s knocked down a couple of times. It’s amazing how he stays calm and composed when the coteo hits six, seven, eight and gets up ready to go. Our mentality must improve ”.

Amid criticism for United’s performance and his own tactics, Solskjaer said he felt his team was “against the ropes” this week.

“We need to react,” he said. “It is my job to mentalize the players. I am responsible for the reaction, the result and the performance and we have worked on the court in everything that needs to be improved.

“It’s not about just one thing, it’s not just the mindset. It’s about the game plan, the strategy, technically. We have had a good week and I feel that the boys are ready to do their best ”.