After José José's Death, Children Appear With Sarita Singing

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  • Sarita Sosa, the youngest daughter of José José, appeared in a video ‘giving a low blow’ to his brothers José Joel and Marysol
  • First of all the scandal unleashed by the death of ‘The Prince of the Song’ the confrontation between the brothers is imminent
  • Sarita Sosa said that her father's last wish was to make her dream of being a singer come true

Through an Instagram video published quite a long time ago by the controversial Sarita Sosa, youngest daughter of the recently deceased José José, she appears with the singer's other children, her brothers José Joel and Marysol Sosa to make it clear that she could Give where it hurts the most.

And it is that with all the scandal of the confrontation between the children of José José because Sarita Sosa supposedly did not give more details to José Joel and Marysol about the death of 'The Prince of the Song', in addition to the interviews he has granted where he he sees him 'painless', now a recording of the program 'Drop the VIP Soup' resurfaces.

More than 2 years ago, Sarita Sosa, José Joel and Marysol, children of José José, were invited to the show to talk about their father, the coexistence between them and of course interpret some of their father's songs, a moment he shared the controversial daughter Minor.

"Family! I was with my brothers Marysol Sosa & Jose Joel in the Suelta la Sopa VIP program. I hope you like it! ”, Was what Sarita Sosa wrote in the video where a very astonished José Joel and a Marysol appear in surprise at the talent of their younger sister performing the song‘ The Sad ’.

The video received more than 2,600 likes and endless comments despite being uploaded 88 weeks ago, so it resurfaced these days before the scandal of the death of José José and the confrontation between the brothers.

Of course, Sarita Sosa never imagined what he would unleash in his dad's fans for what he would do at the time of his death, so the hard attacks appeared.