After Overcoming The Coronavirus, Odalys And Pato Celebrate Their Son’s Birthday

The conductor and the actor organized a fun party for her in the garden of her house

Roccosecond son of Odalys Ramírez and Patricio Borghetti He turned a year old and despite being in quarantine, his parents celebrated it with a fun family reunion in which only the two of them and their daughter were present Gia.


As can be seen on the social networks of the host of On the air with Paola Rojas at the party of Rocco there was everything from cake themed to Paw Patrol (her favorite cartoon), decorations and of course, a piñata, also inspired by the cartoon series.

In addition, the baby and his sister were able to have fun in a small ball pit that was at their disposal in the garden of their house, where they also broke the piñata.

Of course, on this birthday there was no shortage of congratulatory messages from Odalys and Duck. “Happy birthday my beautiful love! I love you forever #RoccoDeMiVida #AmorDelBueno #FamilyFirst ”, wrote the host.

“Happy birthday #roccodemivida! I love you chubby cuteoooo, your tenderness and your overflowing cheeks are insurmountable. I will always take care of you and we will learn a lot together and have fun. We love you! ” Borghetti.

In addition to congratulatory messages from her parents and her parents’ friends, like Isabel Lascurain, Sharis Cid, Michelle Vieth and Brenda Kellerman, the proud mom shared in her post some information about how it has evolved Rocco in this first year of life.

For example: who now measures 81 centimeters and weighs 12.4 kilos; that crawls perfectly and at high speed and can now walk with a walker. Rocco too You already know how to say “mom”, “dad”, “Tata”, “Gia” and “Abu”, among other words; that he has eight teeth and is good to eat, that he already sleeps all night and that he already has several loves: balls, meat, trees and getting dirty with dirt.