After Ten Years Of Absence, Duffy Reappears And Confesses The Ordeal He Lived

The singer reveals the tragedy she had to live a decade ago and forced her to pause her professional life

Just over 10 years ago everything was success and happiness for the British singer Duffy : on his ledge he had a Grammy and three Brit Awards, his debut album, It had been a phenomenon after selling more than 9 million copies.


Then he released another album, Endlessly, that although it did not have the same repercussion it did keep it in the lampstand, Duffy He was already someone important in the world of music, but unexpectedly and suddenly, the interpreter disappeared from the map.

Ten years have passed since his disappearance and Duffy It has come back to public life. Through his recently released Instagram account (and in his first post) he explained the reason why he didn’t know about it for a decade, a terrible truth th at he decided to leave behind.

“You can’t imagine how many times I thought about writing this. Many of you have wondered what happened to me, where I got in and why. A journalist contacted me, found a way to communicate with me and I told him all last summer He was kind and I felt incredibly good at being able to speak at last.

“The truth is, and believe me that I am well and safe now, that I was raped, drugged and kidnapped for a few days. Of course I survived. Recovery took time. There is no smooth way of saying it. But I can say that in the last decade there were thousands and thousands of days when I promised to want to feel the sunlight in my heart again. Now the sun shines. ”

If it took a decade to reappear in public and share your testimony, he adds Duffy It is because she was not ready because she did not want to show her followers that darkness that accompanied her during this time.

“They wonder why I didn’t choose to use my voice to express my pain. I didn’t want to show the world the sadness in my eyes. How can I sing from the heart if it’s broken?” He says.

Duffy, who is now 25 years old, also announced in that post Instagram that will shortly be broadcast the interview in which he tells his testimony. He also asked his fans to send him questions, which he will try to answer. “Please support me to make this a positive experience.”