After The Unusual Recommendations Of Donald Trump, New York Registered More Than 100 Cases Of Poisoning With Disinfectants

The New York Center for Poison Control received 100 calls for disinfectant accident accidents in a four-day period after a suggestion by US President Donald Trump to use, ingest, or inject these products to combat coronavirus pandemic, compared to 28 cases on the same dates last year.

On April 23, Trump suggested, during his daily White House conference on COVID-19, to use an injection of cleaning products to combat the virus, leaving the scientific community stunned.

That day, the New York Center received 21 calls related to contact with bleach and 11 for other disinfectants, which contrasts with the total of 6 calls for that date last year.


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The Center’s data does not specify whether contact with the product was on the skin or ingested.

The calls increased on April 24, the day after the president’s suggestion, registering 23 cases related to contact with bleach, used as a disinfectant in millions of homes, a consumption that also skyrocketed during the pandemic, eventually depleting in many establishments at the highest moment of cases.

New York is one of the cities most affected by the coronavirus outbreak in the United States. / EFE / EPA / JUSTIN LANE /

Additionally, a total of sixteen calls were regarding poisoning with other unspecified disinfectants.

However, last year on the same date, the Center only received a total of 10 calls from New Yorkers.

The president defended himself from the controversy generated by his suggestion, alleging that it was a “sarcastic joke”.

Donald Trump assures that his sayings about ingesting disinfectant products to combat the pandemic were “a sarcastic joke”. / AP Photo / Alex Brandon /

Knowing the increase in poisoning cases, Trump responded with a laconic “no” to a journalist’s question of whether he was assuming any kind of responsibility and said that “he cannot imagine why” this singular increase occurred.

The president preferred to avoid deepening his statements and highlighted his anger at China, whom he accuses of not having taken the necessary measures in time to stop the pandemic.

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On April 25 and 26, after the rejection of the scientific community and the manufacturers of cleaning products to their unusual suggestion, a reduction in the cases was reflected, with 16 and 5 cases respectively due to contact with bleach.

Last year for those two days, the Center received a total of 11 calls.

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