Agent: Von Miller, NFL Star, Contracts Coronavirus

AURORA, Colorado, USA (AP) – NFL star Von Miller tested positive for the new coronavirus, his agent revealed Thursday, who said the Broncos player wanted his diagnosis known to show skeptics how serious this condition is.

“Von wants everyone to know that this is serious, it doesn’t just happen to elderly people in nursing homes,” said agent Joby Branion, who spoke to The Associated Press.


In comments to the KUSA-TV channel in Denver, Miller himself explained that he had suffered from a cough a couple of days ago. When his asthma nebulizer did not help him overcome his discomfort, he decided to undergo the coronavirus test.

The result, revealed on Thursday, was positive for the condition COVID-19.

“I’m in good spirits,” Miller said. “I don’t feel sick, in pain or anything like that.”

The Broncos released a statement in which they reported that Miller “chose to publicly share his diagnosis to emphasize that anyone can be afflicted by the coronavirus.”

“Von is fine and is recovering in isolation inside his home. It remains under the care of the team’s doctors, who follow all coronavirus procedures to ensure a safe environment for Von and our community, ”added the team.

Branion said Miller, 31, is allergic to grass. Otherwise, he said, it is an oak.

“Von lives to take care of his health and his body, and this affected him too,” Branion explained. “Hopefully it will be like 85% of people, who completely overcome this disease in two weeks. But the result is that he also caught it. ”

The agent said Miller is in good spirits, resting at his home in the Denver metro area. He added that Miller plans to speak publicly about his diagnosis this Friday.

Branion explained that Miller requested the test after coughing for a couple of days.

“I’ve seen him much sicker after games. He is allergic to grass, and after it is filled with pollen, it looks much worse, “he said.

Miller, recently chosen by unanimous vote as a member of the 2010 NFL team, said last week that he trained in San Francisco before returning to his home in the state of Colorado when measures to contain the virus.

Branion said Miller is not sure how he became infected.

“He has been at home for a month. Now he’s locked up. Locked up? No. But he refrains from going out, ”said the agent. “What happened? We do not know. But it can happen to you. You hit him, and he’s Superman! ”

Miller is the second active NFL player to acknowledge contracting the coronavirus, which has infected two million people worldwide, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths and leaving millions of people unemployed.

On Wednesday, Brian Allen, center for the Los Angeles Rams, said he had tested positive for COVID-19 three weeks ago.

Sean Payton, coach of the New Orleans Saints, revealed last month that he had contracted the virus.


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