Airlines Rise On The London Stock Exchange After Change Of Address At IAG

The titles of the airlines in the London parquet registered a notable rebound in value on Friday, between 4 and 7% due to the change of address announced by the Hispanic-British group IAG, with the departure of its CEO , Willie Walsh, and the upward revision of the Irish Ryanair in its profit forecasts.

The airlines commonly promoted the selective London over noon. Specifically, the value of the low-cost Irish company Ryanair increased by 7.06%, and this marked increase was followed by the upward trend registered by the British easyJet, with an advance of 4.06%.

Wizz also stood out in the parquet with a rise of 6.53% and the IAG conglomerate did the same – which make up British Airways, Iberia, LEVEL, Vueling and Aer Lingus-, which revalued 4.63%.


In the case of the Irish Ryanair, its shares came to trading up to 8% more compared to the end of Thursday, after raising its profit forecasts for the fiscal year by around 19%, which concludes next March 31st. About noon, the company's titles rose 7.06%.

The rise occurs after the release of a statement on the London Stock Exchange, in which Ryanair revises its earnings estimates upward for that period, in response to 'a better performance than expected' during the past Christmas.

Ryanair expects a net profit of between 950 and 1,050 million euros, while transporting a total of 154 million passengers annually.

He also emphasizes that 'his performance' during the 'Christmas and New Year travel period' was 'better than expected'.

Despite such encouraging news for Ryanair, the director of the online investment platform firm AJ Bell Russ Mold alerted the BBC that the company could be awaited in the future 'some moderate turbulence' due to the price war with competition .

'Despite the collapse of (the British tour operator) Thomas Cook in 2019, competition remains a problem in other markets as well, and the increase in employee costs and fuel price volatility represent continuous pressures in the model of low cost of the airline ', valued the analyst.

In addition, the expert said that next summer, things could 'paint worse' for Ryanair for the 'delays' and doubts about the Boeing 737 model devices.

The British easyJet came to lead this morning the list of winners in the parquet and their actions rose around noon 4.06%.

As for IAG, the titles of the Spanish-British aviation group continued with the upward trend registered already this Thursday after the announcement of the departure of its CEO, Willie Walsh. Over noon, the stock rose 4.63%.

The Spaniard Luis Gallego will assume on March 26 the position at the head of the group, to which British Airways, Iberia, LEVEL, Vueling and Aer Lingus belong.

The expert Andrew Lobbenberg, an analyst at HSBC, reminded the aforementioned British channel that during the Walsh period, BA and Aer Lingus achieved 'the best performance' in terms of 'efficiency and restructuring of the former state-owned airlines.'

Adding to this good session for aviation companies, Wizz also experienced a notable rebound in the value of its shares, with a 6.53% increase.