Aislin Derbez Receives a Scolding From Eugenio Derbez For a Scene At La Casa De Las Flores

Aislin Derbez receives a scolding from Eugenio Derbez for a scene at La Casa de las Flores | Instagram

The premiere of "La Casa de las Flores" in its second season is one of the most anticipated series, the cast has the participation of Aislinn Derbez daughter of comedian and actor Eugenio Derbez, who reprimanded his firstborn for one of the scenes in which it appears in said transmission.

It was the same actress, Aislinn, who shared the annoyance that broke out in the actor after watching the scenes of the Netflix platform series.


And it is that the 33-year-old actress participated in a nude that she made in this second season, however when her famous father found out the scolding did not wait for the actress.

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Through the funny Instagram stories that she regularly shares on her Instagram account, the actress showed her dad scolding her for having agreed to such participation.

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The series of "La Casa de Las Flores" premiered its second season on October 18, said production has catapulted Aislinn Derbez as one of the actresses of the moment.

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However, for the now popular actress, not everything is honey on flakes because apparently the actor and comedian, her father, is not at all happy with the new episodes.

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During the video of a few seconds you can see the producer and actor who questions his daughter about the scene where she appears without clothes in one of the episodes of the series.

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Aislin, Mauricio Ochmann's wife tells him that it is "part of his work and that it is art" that Eugenio laughs in a somewhat sarcastic way.