Aislinn Captures Mauricio Ochmann In Shameful Moment

The actor shared a photo in which he appears in the bathroom with his daughter … in an amusingly compromising attitude.

Who knows if Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann They are going to return, but what is known is that in these moments of quarantine they are living together and in the best of attitudes, as the actor’s latest publication shows.


It turns out that his still-wife captured them in the most embarrassing and compromising attitude that can ever happen.

In the photo, which he shared Mauricio it is seen that both he and his youngest daughter are attending to the call of nature in the bathroom, and he just took advantage Aislinn that moment to take a photo of them, like that, openly, showing that celebrities are like anyone.

“Mom grabbed us like the Santa Julia tiger,” wrote the protagonist of Chema, on the image captured in black and white and that so far has accumulated more than 728 thousand views.

Mauricio’s fans applauded the photo, ensuring that even in the bathroom they look very cute. He called for example the comment of Joy Huerta who wrote: “Nothing better than teaching by example! … Much love for all three!” was his message.

Mauricio Ochmann He also received other positive messages on his social network such as: “Even in that they are beautiful !!”, “Mau, nowadays the roles on stage are seen that anyone can do them, but the father’s work that you are doing is going to immortalize in the heart of your daughter and that of your audience “,” Even so, he is handsome “, were some of the phrases they received Kai Y Mauricio.

Although now the actor and Aislinn they only have a relationship of friends, according to their own words, the quarantine has allowed them to just live like this, so they continue taking photos, playing jokes and enjoying being together, as a family.