Aislinn Derbez And Mauricio Ochmann Confirm Separation

The couple also announced that, for the moment, they are just a couple of friends who are analyzing whether or not they should continue together.

Before the rumors of a couple crisis (and although the last days they insisted on denying that their marriage had ended), the actors Aislinn Derbez Y Mauricio Ochmann They made public, through a statement published on their respective Instagram accounts, that they are separate.


The protagonists of To the Bad They detailed that they are separated as a couple and that, although the rope that holds them together has been stretched, they will never allow it to break, since they know that the result could be irreversible.

“We would like to communicate here that everything that has come out in notes and speculations about us is quite far from reality.

We tell them that yes, something very important is indeed happening, something that we have been solving for several months”Begins the message posted on their respective Instagram accounts.

“Make the decision to modify dynamics from the deep requires a lot of courage, especially when there is such an immense love between us. The most common is to stretch the rope until it breaks. And when that happens, things break that become irreparable. We will never allow ourselves to get there“They assured Mauricio Ochmann Y Aislinn Derbez.

For the time being, the actors announced, they are making their lives separate in order to decide whether or not they should stay together.

“Therefore we decided for a while to strengthen the friendship relationship and stop the relationship. Retake individuality to investigate what is happening, give space to heal, rebuild, transform.

“And in that reconstruction we are open to what can happen. Our opinions towards the media will diminish for a time since we are going to be careful of speculations and meddles that contaminate our relationship, which for us has always been sacred ”.