Al Pacino’s Girlfriend Broke Up With Him Because Of His Advanced Age And His Stinginess

Rumors are confirmed: actress Meital Dohan has ended her two-year relationship with Al Pacino. And as the Israeli has revealed to LaIsha magazine, the definitive factor that would have led her to break up with the Irish actor – apart from the 39 years that separated them – is that she “did not like to spend money.” Al Pacino and Meital Dohan in his last public appearance as a couple, during the premiere of The Irish. (Image: Richard Shotwell – AP Photo / Gtres) More “It’s hard to be with such an old man, even Al Pacino,” said the former 79-year-old actor. Dohan, who turned 40 last year, insists Age as a crucial factor in the deterioration of its relationship with Pacino: “The difference in age is difficult, yes. I tried to deny it, but now he is already an old man, to be honest. So, even with all my love, it didn’t last. ”The truth is that the actress does not seem to be suffering excessively from the breakup, because today she posted on Instagram this lush selfie accompanied by the message:“ FEEL FREE ”: On the other hand Dohan reveals that the winner of an Oscar for Essence of a woman did not like to spend her fortune valued at $ 120 million – and that the most luxurious gifts she received from him barely lasted a few weeks. “She only bought me flowers,” Dohan recalls . “How can I say politely that he didn’t like to spend money?” Moreover, the relationship would not have ended solely because of Pacino’s age and supposed stingy, but also – according to Dohan – for a recent fight. “I had a fight with he and I left him recently. But, of course, I love him and I really appreciate him, and I was delighted to be there when he needed me and to be part of his legacy. ”“ It is an honor for me. I’m glad that this relationship took place and I hope we continue to be good friends. ”Dohan graduated from the Nissan Nativ school of interpretation and played roles in Israeli television, film and theater, before moving to the US and participating in projects such as the Weeds series – where Yael Hoffman, the Dean of Admissions of the rabbinical school attended by Andy Botwin (Justin Kirk), came to life.The rumors of separation between Dohan and Pacino jumped when he attended only the delivery ceremony of the Oscars, last February 9. The last time they had both appeared together in public was in October, during the premiere of The Irish in Los Angeles. On that occasion, Pacino came carrying one arm to Dohan and the other to his teenage daughter Olivia (daughter of actress Beverly D’Angelo, with whom Pacino had a six-year relationship). More stories that may interest you: