Alanís: “Defensives In MLS Favor Vela”

Oswaldo Alanís, defender who lives his first season in MLS with Matías Almeyda’s San José Earthquakes, pointed out the key for Carlos Vela to become a scorer and MVP last season with Los Angeles FC. “Although the league is competitive, In the defensive sector there are some things that still cost and that there is work to do, that favors a player like him (Vela), but he has quality and in any league he will do it, we have seen it in the Spanish league, which he did as he wanted, “he mentioned Fernando Palomo of ESPN. The defender from Michoacán highlighted the footprint that Vela left on footballers with whom he could share a dressing room at Real Oviedo of the Second Division of Spain.” I met in Oviedo with a couple of teammates who They were with him and they spoke wonders, they said that Carlos Vela is a crack when he wants and does what he wants with rivals. That someone expresses that way about you in the Spanish league, imagine, here in the MLS, “he said.