Albert Pujols Bids Farewell To San Luis With Home Run

Albert Pujols Bids Farewell To San Luis With Home Run

St. Louis stood up Sunday to applaud Albert Pujols for the last home run of the regular series. That was just 7,846 days later, after bowing to him in the collective applause typical of fans who knew baseball to those who hit that jersey first. , April 9, 2001, at the old Bush his stadium.

How to add details. His first home run as a Cardinal 257 months ago he was hit in his first at-bat on the team’s home ground until 2005, and Sunday’s home run was his last appearance in his uniform that home. did. The Cardinals lost him 7-5 to the Pirates.

Pujols’ stick met a 92.9 mph fastball from Roangie Contreras that sent a Statcast-projected 409 feet to center field. As with last month, Bush’s 29th sellout of the season at the stadium called for the curtain his call, with Pujols stepping off the bench and taking off his helmet to deliver it to the crowd.


Pujols, who is preparing to play in the postseason this month, said:

That was Kiskeyan’s 702 homers in his armored career, his 23rd in a season, and the icing on the cake the day the Cardinals fired balloons and cannons, making one of the most impactful trios ever. passed. Second franchise with the most crowns in MLB.

Contreras is the major league record 457th pitcher to hit a home run by Pujols.

Pujols hit a two-run RBI double in the first inning. His all-time RBI is 2,214, which puts Hank second all-time behind Aaron’s 2,297. Babe Ruth also unofficially scored his 2,214 runs, but many were not counted as the statistic was not recognized by the baseball world until 1920.

Pujols’ Sunday homer swung at 105.3 miles per hour with a timeout of 4.9 seconds, according to Statcast. It was the 56th of his career against the Pirates. This is his third-most opponents after the Astros (62) and Cubs (59).

Pujols hit only two homers in April, two in May, and was homeless in June. Since then, he has had his 19 hits, 17 of which were hit after his MLB All-Star game, an event in which Pujols honorably participated, and was criticized by players and coaches in games. It received a storm of praise.

Before the game, the Cardinals had 46 minutes of action, waiving Pujols, catcher Yadier Molina and American pitcher Adam Wainwright.

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