Albert Pujols’ Huge Desire To Go To The World Baseball Classic

There is nothing like putting on the uniform of your country and representing it in the highest competition of the sport you practice. For this reason, Albert Pujols does not want to end his professional baseball career without playing another World Classic for the Dominican Republic.

In March of next year, when the World Baseball Classic is played, Pujols will be 41 years old and will be the last chance for first baseman to play in this competition. There is no pressure, but he did express his enormous desire to want to play for his country’s team again.

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“Of course I do, if the opportunity arises I want to go. In the last two classics I have not been able to play due to knee and elbow injuries, but if they give me the opportunity I will (…) That would be my last classic unless I return later as a coach, ”Pujols told journalist Yancen Pujols.

And why not take it as it was done with Luis Polonia in 2006? He would be the best of the youth advisors that the Dominican Republic would present on the roster that would have names such as: Juan Soto, Fernando Tatís Jr. and Vladimir Guerrero Jr; among others, but for a moment, Pujols still has power left in his bat.

“I still have gasoline left in the tank and I know I can compete. Now, if I am not mentally and physically prepared, I should not take the opportunity from one of the young people who is prepared. If I am healthy, you can count on me ”, concluded Albert Pujols.


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