Alberto Fernández Answered Donald Trump About The Coup In Bolivia And Warned Him That "no Army Liberates a People"

Alberto Fernández crossed to Donald Trump for his sayings about Bolivia: "No army liberates a people."

Hours ago, the president of the United States endorsed the coup d'etat suffered by the government of Evo Morales and expressed his happiness for conceiving the interruption of the democratic order as a message for the rest of Latin America.

"The United States applauds the Bolivian people for demanding freedom and the Bolivian army for complying with its oath to protect not only a person, but the constitution of Bolivia," Trump said through a statement released by the White House.


In the context of the presentation of the book entitled "Politics and elections in Latin America. A progressive guide for electoral campaigns", by the authors Gisela Brito and Ava Gómez Daza at the Cultural Center of Cooperation, the president-elect marked his repudiation of American sayings.

In that sense, he said: "There is no army that has liberated a people." And he remarked: "There has been a coup in Bolivia, so that no one gets confused, so that we speak clearly and without lies."



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