Alberto Fernández, Between Bugs Bunny And Donald Trump

He will not have advanced his cabinet, but Alberto spoke about Disney and Warner cartoons. Donald Trump would have already given his support to the negotiations with the IMF. (PanamPost photomontage)

Argentina looks forward to some definition of President-elect Alberto Fernández. However, Cristina Kirchner's formula partner manages to spend the days without giving any certainty about her future cabinet and, therefore, the destiny of the country. The speculations around his Government are diverse. The most classic is the pessimist and is based on its vice president: with CFK on board, there is no other possibility than the total disaster. However, there are analysts who are more cautious when projecting what could happen. For them, their conservative past, the dialogue profile and their relationship with the establishment provide Alberto with a Peronism of center (or even center right) away from the Kirchner profile 2003-2015. The rumors of Guillermo Nielsen as a possible minister do nothing but increase this hope (and the concern of radical Kirchnerism).

Running the days without formalizing internal enemies strengthens the capital of the future president. While the clock is running, Alberto manages to consolidate his link with the Peronist governors and matches the power dispute with the ex-president a bit, who was the owner of the idea of ​​the presidential duo and the maximum reference for the birth of the Frente de Todos.


But for the days to pass without giving any definition, the media and people must be entertained with something. The president-elect of Argentina has shown a lot of office in this regard, no doubt. After a debate without any clear idea, where you could interpret anything from his sayings, Alberto did his thing again. Now he came out with a total wandering about animated cartoons that ended up monopolizing the public debate in Argentina on the late Friday night.

Although a frivolity sounds, in the country of the exchange rate runs, the three exchange rates and the panic of an impending economic collapse, entertain ing the political debate with similar stupidity in the previous one of a weekend is priceless.

In a conversation with the Uruguayan president José Mujica, Fernández explained the social problems of modernity in the influence of animated cartoons in the United States. For the president-elect, Disney collaborated with the idea of ​​an idealistic world "where the good always win." However, Fernandez warned, then "the Warner" came and imposed models of Creole liveliness like the Bugs Bunny rabbit, which he described as "a scammer." His exhibition on the animated cartoons of the 20th century lasted several minutes, captivated the audience and ended up in the mouth of all the media. Although he did not say a word about his cabinet, Alberto managed to divert the attention of a country to a philosophical debate on cartoons more than half a century ago.

He also spoke with Donald (the president, not the duck)

The other news around Fernandez during the last business day of his first week as president-elect, was the call of Donald Trump, president of the United States. Although the only sources that commented on the content of the call were those linked to the president-elect, Fernández himself revealed some of the content on social networks. According to the next Argentine president, his future North American couple would have been interested in collaborating with the country's agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Fernández took the opportunity to highlight that he is interested in fostering a "cordial and mature" relationship with the United States.

I received the call from @realDonaldTrump, who told me that he instructed the IMF to work together to solve the problem of our debt.

I thanked him for his important gesture and conveyed my intention to maintain a mature and cordial relationship with the United States.

– Alberto Fernández (@alferdez) November 2, 2019

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