Alberto Fernández Differs From Donald Trump With His Plan To Solve The Political Crisis In Venezuela

Alberto Fernández, President-elect of Argentina

Alberto Fernández travels to the Federal District to propose a plan to solve the political crisis in Venezuela to Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Fernández thinks that it is necessary to add Nicolás Maduro to the negotiating table and that the United States would have to placate the political aggression that it exerts against the populist regime. In between, interim president Juan Guaidó.

The proposal of the Argentine president-elect faces the strategy designed by the Department of States, the Department of the Treasury, the Pentagon and the CIA to force the fall of Maduro. That strategy is articulated From the Oval Room of the White House that transformed the populist leader into its regional enemy.


Donald Trump does intelligence operations in Caracas, controls the Venezuelan airspace Through spy satellites, suffocates the regime's finances with consecutive banking measures and proposes a diplomatic agenda with the Lima Group. Trump has a plan that aims at a single purpose: to end the Maduro regime, and he will not accept variables that contradict his maximum goal.

Fernández believes that Argentina has to give up the Lima Group to detect a solution to the Venezuelan crisis. The president-elect maintains that this regional Forum is a diplomatic creation of Washington, that his agenda is a dictated by the White House and that haata has now failed to make any progress regarding the democratic transition in Venezuela.

Mike Pence, Vice President of the United States, Amid his participation of the LIma Group that took place in Bogota (Colombia) (LUISA GONZALEZ /)

The Lima Ensemble is a construction of the international system led by Argentina, Brazil and Colombia. The US influences, however it does not drag its regional partners. Throughout the summit of the Lima Ensemble in Bogota, American Vice President Mike Pence suggested the military route to complete the Maduro regime. Mauricio Macri, Jair Bolsonaro and Also Ivan Duque refused that conflict hypothesis and preserved the diplomatic dialogue.

Despite these examples of balance of power in the Lima Group, Fernández believes that this multilateral Forum is not useful for its strategy to complete the crisis in Venezuela. The president-elect thinks that it is already a rusty spring and that Guaidó traveled supported to crown a trick that failed At the moment when Maduro resisted the international attack.

Fernández intends to build a regional troika integrated by Argentina, Mexico and Uruguay, if the Frente Amplio triumphs in the ballot. This trophy will try to reach consensus with other countries to push a plan that can solve the Venezuelan crisis. Unlike Trump, Macri, Bolsonaro and Duarte, the president-elect estimates that Maduro should be sitting at the negotiating table.

That indispensable condition From Fernández's perspective, it can mean a diplomatic touch of magnitude with Trump, who has the key to open the door of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The president has to assess whether an alternative plan in Washington's view cannot generate a domino effect that complicates her negotiation with the IMF.

Trump bets on the Lima Group and does not want Maduro at the negotiating table. If I had wanted to, I would have had it: there are dozens of lobbyists in DC who offer a backchannel with the populist leader to begin the transition to democracy. And the President of the USA reported no, because Maduro is a key piece for the 2020 election campaign.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of Mexico

Fernández is going to find resistance in the White House, and weak certainties in Mexico. López Obrador leads a country that shares borders with the United States and exhibits a structural weakness in the Trump schedule tightens the pins. The president-elect would not have to await much enthusiasm from his Mexican host, Because Versa of a proposal that challenges Trump's geopolitical discourse.

López Obrador stands out from Washington on issues that are not strategic, but he folds up without hesitation At the moment he estimates they can affect American security or business. The 1st Mexican magistrate, Like Fernandez, knows that U.S.A., Cuba, Iran, China, Russia and the European Union are influenced by the Venezuelan crisis. Venezuela is rich in oil and has a strategic position in Latin America.

In this context, Fernández will travel to Mexico with a plan for Venezuela that will be subject to fervent pressure against the United States, Brazil, Colombia and the European Union. The Argentine president-elect He needs Trump to facilitate his negotiations with the IMF, While his Mexican host already has enough differences with the White House to add one more linked to Maduro.

The assembly between Fernández and López Obrador is scheduled for Monday. It will be with an open agenda, and the final one will be an official part. The president-elect returns to Buenos Aires on Tuesday, if there are no changes in his travel agenda. You will be 25 days after accepting at Casa Rosada.

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