Alberto Fernández Receives The Candidate Of The Bolivian MAS In The Casa Rosada

The Argentine president, Alberto Fernández, received on Tuesday at the Casa Rosada the candidate of the Bolivian Movement for Socialism (MAS) to the elections of that country, Luis Arce, who said he agreed with the Argentine president in which the economy of both countries must reactivate with “internal demand”. We have agreed with President Fernández that domestic demand is the best engine to revive the economy of our countries, so economic policies that seek success should consider this principle, ”said Arce in a statement. According to sources from the Arce campaign, the Argentine head of state told him that if he were Bolivian, he would “vote” for him, while before Arce’s request that the international community guarantee a transparent electoral process in Bolivia, the same sources stressed that the Argentine president promised to do so. Arce, former Minister of Economy and Finance of Bolivia for 12 years, gave Fernández a copy of his book “The Bolivian Social, Community and Productive Economic Model” and a whipala, teaches from the Andean native communities. “I have brought the wiphala as a gift of the Bolivian people to President Alberto Fernández that symbolizes that the people are always standing, never on their knees, ”said Arce. Luis Arce, candidate for president of Bolivia for the party of Evo Morales and favorite in the polls, was sure this Tuesday in a talk with Efe that he will win the May elections in the first round and that it will be him and not the ex-president who make decisions in that Government, which should focus, he remarked, on “rebuilding the economy” shattered by the “de facto” Executive of Jeanine Añez. In an interview in Buenos Aires, where Morales has been living for two months, whom he qualifies as the “undisputed leader” of his party, Arce was pleased by a recent poll that gave him a 31.6% vote intention, for in front of its main competitors, Carlos Mesa (17.1%) and Añez (16.5%), but said he can get “more”. “I think there are good prospects of having a commercial relationship and investments between Bolivia and Argentina that are beneficial for both,” he said when referring to the meeting with Fernández, hours before it occurred.